Persian Courses with me


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My name is Shirin. I'm a Persian Foreign Language Teacher and a Native Persian Speaker.

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Here's a recap of my daily activities as a teacher: 


Creating, designing, or collecting great teaching materials in order to make language learning a fun, productive, and efficient process.*


👩🏽‍🏫 As your Tutor, I:


✔ put forward a unique classroom experience to my students with a multifaceted approach that covers Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading skills.

✔ make sure that every session is filled with real-life examples and everyday vocabulary

✔ teach you grammar notes that complement the other skills mentioned above.

✔ provide you with Exercises that help you review what we have covered in each lesson and stay on track.

✔ design a personalized curriculum and materials that are essential to support you throughout your learning journey.


 I do not use pre-made materials or textbooks, since both exercises and reading suggestions will be provided depending on your available time, your personal interests, and your assessed skill level.


Persian has several dialects, Including Esfahani, Shirazi, Tehrani, and Yazdi, Mashhadi, which are all mutually intelligible. Since I was born and raised in Tehran, I just speak with Tehrani accent. Thus all the class materials would be based on the Tehrani dialect, which is considered to be the standard dialect and is spoken by most Iranian speakers.



 General Persian (Farsi) for beginners and Intermediates:

✔I've designed an easy, engaging learning plan for my beginner students.

✔ I've collected various resources to facilitate your language learning as efficiently as possible.

✔We will have conversations from our first session!




Advanced level: I would design an intensive learning plan based on your needs.




 Conversational Persian (Farsi):

👉🏼 One key goal almost every Persian student shares is gaining the ability to speak Farsi with others.

I will engage you in the discussion of topics of your choice, ranging from politics and economics, science, music, history, culture, sports, and anything else that might tickle your fancy.

Our conversation classes may include reading contemporary articles, with particular attention to pronunciation, new vocabulary, grammar structures, and common expressions of the Persian language.

👉🏼Of course, I would tailor your learning plan based on your needs and interests, but here is the list of activities we should do in every session:

✔We would agree on a topic, and you'll have time to prepare yourself for the next session. Then we'll:
✔Speak about the chosen topic** based on your experience
✔Explore related idioms and expressions
✔Learn related vocabulary
✔have some "active" listening sessions (video or audio)

In our conversational classes, we would speak about the very same things that you speak about on a daily basis.
You will be able to speak in Persian more fluent than ever with me.

❔ For whom Persian Conversational Classes would be the best approach?

-Those who immigrated and had no contact with Farsi for a long time, plus they would like to explore their bonds with their family culture.
-Those who have studied Persian in the university, or studied Persian for a long time but had no chance to expand their speaking and listening skills.



 *I do not avoid teaching hard content to my students; rather I prepare myself to deliver in a way to carry out my job as a learning facilitator.

** These topics are based on your Farsi level and skills. I would choose the questions that are the right level of simplicity or complexity for my students.