"to win" and "to lose" in Persian


"بردن" /bordan/- To win 


"بردن" (bordan) holds the essence of success and victory; whether it's a sports match, a competition, or a personal achievement, "بردن"/bordan/ captures the exhilaration of conquering obstacles and emerging triumphant.



Persian او جام قهرمانی را برد.
Transcription Spoken: /un jām-e ghahremāni ro bord/.
Meaning He won the championship trophy.


"باختن" (bākhtan) - To Lose


Just like in English, "باختن" /bākhtan/ translates to "to lose".



Persian او بازی را باخت.
Transcription Spoken: /un bāzi ro bākht./
Meaning She lost the game.



When an English word has multiple meanings or uses, it's certain that you'll require distinct Persian words for each of those meanings or uses. Read more here.


 So let's not forget that language is dynamic, and each verb holds its unique shades of meaning in different contexts.

There's more!

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In the context of a romantic relationship, "باختن" takes on a beautiful and sentimental meaning, as it symbolizes willingly (painful, right?) surrendering one's heart to the person they love. 

The phrases "من دلم را به او باختم" /man delam-o be-hesh bākhtam./ I lost my heart to him/her. is a wonderful way of using "باختن" /bākhtan/(to lose) in a romantic context in Persian.

These phrases add a touch of romance and poetry to everyday conversations to describe feelings of love.

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