Learn Persian (Farsi) in Georgia

I dedicated this post to everyone who lives in Georgia and wants to learn Persian for whatever purpose.

My name is Shirin and I'm a certified Persian language teacher. I work with both beginners and advanced students.

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 How you should proceed?


To apply please fill in the application form. (takes from 1 minute and 50 seconds to 333 minutes)


1. Beginner: Students with little or no prior exposure to the Persian LanguageYou will learn to read and write and acquire the skills needed to conduct simple conversations concerning daily needs.

2. Upper elementary level (A1-A2):
You know the alphabet and can read words and expressions sometimes with difficulties; You can write words, expressions, and sentences in Persian; You master certain typical phrases in Persian and know how to write them; You barely understand everyday Persian language

2. Lower intermediate level (A2):
You have a certain amount of difficulty in understanding the Persian language except in very precise situations; You are capable of having a simple conversation in Persian; You understand a simple written text or isolated words in Persian; You still make a lot of mistakes in expressions, vocabulary, and grammar

3. Intermediate level (A2-B1):
You manage to enter into a discussion but do not always find the appropriate turns of phrase in Persian; You manage to express your opinion in Persian and to understand the person you're speaking with; You understand voice recordings (radio, telephone, answering machine, skype, etc.); You have difficulty understanding a person who speaks quickly; You still make pronunciation, grammar, and precision mistakes

4. upper independent level(B2)

You can express yourself easily, naturally, and effectively and take the initiative to speak. You are also able to understand and correct your own mistakes in most situations and foresee what you will say and how.  communicate easily and spontaneously in a clear and detailed manner. You might not be yet an experienced speaker, but you are able to understand and be understood in most situations.


Assessment: Interview
After I receive your complete form, we will arrange a video call to know more about your motivations, goals and assess your knowledge of Persian prior to the start of our classes.


 More details of our Persian classes:



Type of the class

 1-o-1 -Online

Each session duration

60 minutes



Payment Currency





For Conversational Persian (Farsi) Students, we would plan some exciting meetings every 2 weeks.Join me on an adventure to explore the meanders of Farsi.


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