One jān, man o to


خنک آن دم که نشینیم در ایوان من و تو


/xonok ān dam ke neshinim da eyvān, man o to/


به دو نقش و به دو صورت به یکی جان من و تو


/be do naghsh o, be do surat, be yeki jān, man o to/

 That moment (is) joyous and blessed when we are sitting (together) in the veranda, you and I; with two forms and faces, (yet) with one soul, you and I.




داد باغ و دم مرغان بدهد آب حیات

/dād-e bāgh o, dame morghān bedahad ābe hayāt/


آن زمانی که درآییم به بستان من و تو


/ān zamāni ke dar āyim be bostān, man o to/


 The gifts of the orchard and the speech of the birds will offer (us) the Water of (Eternal) Life [1](at) the moment when we come into the garden, you and I.




اختران فلک آیند به نظاره ما

/axtarān-e falak āyand be nezāre-ye mā/


مه خود را بنماییم بدیشان من و تو

/mahe xod ra benamāyim bedishān, man o to/

 The stars of the (night) sky will come as our observers, (and) we will reveal the moon itself to them, you and I.




من و تو بی‌من و تو جمع شویم از سر ذوق

/man o to, bi man o to jam’ shavim az sare zogh/


خوش و فارغ ز خرافات پریشان من و تو

/xosh o fāregh ze xorāfāt-e parishān man o to/


 You and I, devoid of "you" and "I" due to extreme joy and delight, will be united (in friendship); (we will be) happy and without concern about absurd stories and distracting nonsense you and I.




طوطیان فلکی جمله شکرخوار شوند

/tutiyān-e falaki jomle shekar-xār shavand/



در مقامی که بخندیم بدان سان من و تو

/dar maghāmi ke bexandim bedān-sān man o to/


 All the parrots of the sky will be (happily) chewing sugar in a place where we will laugh in such a way, you and I.




این عجبتر که من و تو به یکی کنج این جا

/in ajabtar ke man o to be yeki konj injā/



هم در این دم به عراقیم و خراسان من و تو

/ham dar in dam be arāghim o xorāsān man o to/


 This is (even) more astonishing: that you and I (are) in one corner here, (yet) in this moment we are both in `Irâq and Khorâsân, you and I.




به یکی نقش بر این خاک و بر آن نقش دگر


/be yeki naghsh bar in xāk o bar ān naghshe degar/


در بهشت ابدی و شکرستان من و تو


/dar behesht-e abadi o shekarestān man o to/

 (We have) one form on this earth and another form on that (world) in everlasting Paradise and the (Home) Land of Sugar, You and I.




--From The Dîvān-e Kabir (also known as "Kolliyāt-e Shams" and "Divān-e Shams-e Tabrizi") of Jalaluddin Rumi.

Translated from the Persian by Ibrahim Gamard, 7/12/03 © Ibrahim Gamard (translation, footnotes, & transliteration) [+]


Googoosh , in September 2012, Googoosh sang the full version of this poem in her album called.
- YouTube


Nu also used some parts of the poem on a track with the same name "MAN O TO":





1- The Water of (Eternal) Life; symbolizing eternal spiritual joy. 

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